Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations.


Small and medium organisations compete through highly skilled employees who improve the competitive advantage of the organisation. These individuals typically have a strong drive to excel in their field of work and make a real impact in their roles. High work load and pace, coupled with continuous decision making and accountability for success are typical characteristics of these professionals’ daily work lives. Sustainable performance of these individuals requires the correct support and guidance.

The objective of our Professional Support process is to:

  • Provide a space of individuals to explore their experience of work
  • Develop performance management skills
  • Provide guidance on communication skills, ensuring clarity of expectations

Delivery method

Individual coaching sessions
Feedback to company management on risk areas and opportunities

Focus areas

Work satisfaction

We explore work satisfaction in terms of level of challenges, decision making and skills application to understand which areas the individual need to focus on to ensure performance in their roles. We assist the candidate to set goals for career development and take responsibility for own skills and knowledge growth.

Performance management

Smaller organisations flourish when individuals take responsibility for their performance. Our coaching assists candidates to take action and not wait on company management to fulfil this role. Learning skills to manage yourself well in your role, making good decisions for yourself and the business, leads to sustainable performance.


We find that there is often a disconnect between professionals and their direct managers in terms of expectations. This is specific to work roles and performance. The coaching process assists professionals to understand their own expectations well and communicate it clearly to their superiors. It also ensures that individuals improve their skills to elicit the information necessary to perform their required tasks well.


Our process of professional support differs from coaching in the sense that we provide written feedback to the MD/owner. We contract this with all candidates beforehand and keep confidential information to ourselves when requested by the individual.
The feedback allows the MD/owner to make informed decisions in terms of roles, required training, mentoring needs and performance issues. We encourage candidates to become skilled in addressing issues directly with their managers and find that this improves relationships and performance significantly. The end result is often an organisational culture of real open communication.