Plumb Line philosophy

Stepping into a client organisation as an OD consultant is a real privilege and honour. It implies some key traits and philosophies of the owner or manager of the business; mostly that he or she cares about employees and understand that organisational success depends on the ability to unlock the potential of individuals and teams, and to keep people engaged with the purpose of the business.

The Plumb Line philosophy is to share this caring approach and make it real for employees. As a consultant I am a privileged guest in clients’ businesses and I try to handle this privilege with care and humility.

I believe in simplicity. For me this means an accurate diagnosis and doing the core things right. As people we are complex and dynamic, and often simple, yet relevant solutions, is what unlocks the most value in organisations. Treating people as valuable and worthy of respect, even difficult decisions and performance management processes yield the desired outcomes for both employees and the organisation.

As colleagues we can thrive together, achieve great things that are larger than ourselves. But this takes effort. We all have experiences and periods of being stuck, as individuals, in teams and in growing a business.

I have seen and experienced what Csikszentmihalyi describes as FLOW: ”moments when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile”.

The approach of Plumb Line is to facilitate personal and organisational FLOW. We search creatively for holistic solutions to the benefit of the individual employee, the efficiency of the team and the sustainability of the business.

I believe in expert skills and knowledge and to this end collaborate with specialists in complimentary fields of work. This allows access to services like industrial relations, counselling, psychometric assessments and coaching to name a few. The requirements of clients, what is key to their success, defines the service offering and specialists are applied accordingly.

As a framework for delivery we depend on, and work hard to align with the values that drive the purpose of Plumb Line. The values of Plumb Line are:

Professional Competence, exceptional strategic thinking and timeous delivery is key to ensuring real change and purposeful people management.
Authentic Everyone is unique and has the potential to contribute in a specific way that is meaningful for them. Being honest with oneself and open to discover your authentic self allows for deep purpose and meaning.
Relational Understanding others and building long-term, trusting relations is the basis for all client interaction and development processes.
Compassion Making a real effort to understand the reality of others, what they are going through and what they need, is the guide for designing accurate and effective solutions.

The team

Wickus Guelpa
B.A. Industrial Psychology

Wickus has 18 years’ experience in organisational development and has been consulting to a variety of businesses over the past 16 years. His focus is on relationship development within the work context whilst ensuring the most efficient organisational design and structures. The challenge of getting people to collaborate is one he relishes and unlocking the creative energy in teams comes naturally for him. Using self-knowledge and excellent self-management skills as the basis for his work, he facilitates sustainable change in people and teams. Wickus shares his expert knowledge of small and medium businesses with great enthusiasm with business owners and managers.

Wickus is an accredited user of the Leadership Circle, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and Belbin team profile instrument.

When not working, you will probably find him somewhere in nature with his wife and two sons, exploring new places and enjoying really good food and wine.

Dr.André Kilian (Associate)
Phd Spiritual Intelligence;

André is an associate of Plumb Line and brings a unique and valuable personal lens to individual growth and self-leadership. André believes in the personal possibilities of individuals and that each individual has the ability to grow through self-reflection and awareness. His mission in life is to help people to STOP regularly, reflecting on what is important and why. André journeys with individuals through coaching and therapy in various contexts and draw on the ideas of narrative therapy to do this. This uses the unique circumstances and story of the individual to find meaning and ways to grow. He also incorporates ideas around Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence in his work with individuals and believes that people need safe personal spaces to become more self-aware, more emotionally aware and intelligent in order to take responsibility for their lives.

André believes in work-life balance and places a huge emphasis in his own life on relationships normally involving good coffee. He loves to spend time with Ilana and his 4 children as well as enough social time with friends. He is a keen follower of English Football after working and living in England for 4 years and loves rugby & cricket. Self-care is very important to him; therefore he plays squash regularly and sees a mentor & coach for his own debriefing once every two weeks.

It gives him great energy to be a witness of the growth in others’ lives through personal awareness and reflection, discovering pro-active personal plans.

André is an accredited user of Hay Group ESCi assessment ; The Organic Sorecard; MBTi personality profile and is a Spiritual Intelligence practitioner accredited with “The Oxford academy of Total Intelligence”;

Plumb Line Story

Amos 7:8 “And the Lord said to me: Amos, what do you see? And I said: A plumb line. Then the Lord said: See, I am setting a plumb line in the midst of my people”.

The birth of Plumb Line was initially an individual journey of grace and acknowledgement of personal brokenness. This personal experience led to my believe that we are raised up by God to give direction and be plumb lines for others, being motivated to do what is right. My purpose is to apply my talents and skills to the benefit of people in the work environment. Why? Businesses, and specifically the people in it, are close to God’s heart, and there are clear instructions to be found in Scripture on how to achieve success in business. God has set a plumb line for us and we need to play our part in living our calling.