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Plumb Line Team Collaboration programme

Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations. Background One of the strengths of a smaller organisation is that people know each other well and the levels of bureaucracy is typically low or non-existent. This creates a healthy environment for collaboration. The challenge for sustainable team performance arise when the organisation grows and inevitably new employees are added to the team. New team members mean new teams and the desired behaviour, shared mind set and values need to be actively communicated and managed. This requires a more structured approach to team management. We often see that this catches organisations off guard and they do not understand why suddenly things do not work so well and where the non-performance issues came from. We have experienced the immense growth and performance of teams characterised by individuals who know themselves well and are able to collaborate with others for the good of the organisation. This however does not happen spontaneously and needs a structured process of learning and development. The aim of our team development programme is to provide the core skills, understanding and follow-up interventions that will make your employees excel through collaboration. Delivery method Facilitated team workshops on a quarterly basis. Individual assessments Focus areas Team roles and contribution Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and role preferences of every individual is key to optimal team design. We assess and profile each team member to ensure the above. Feedback and shared training based on the team profile information ensures thorough understanding of individuals and their team mates. Recommendations to the MD/owner on role allocations provide guidance for optimal application of skills within the team. Relationship management for innovative collaboration Working productively [...]

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Strategic Human Resource management

Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations.  Background Organisations have a need for specialist knowledge on people management. Smaller organisations are often made up of specialists in a specific field of business and knowledge and do not always have an in-house Human Resource management specialist. Our strategic HR management service aims to overcome this challenge by partnering with our clients, understanding their business objectives and advising them on sound people management practices. Delivery method Individual meetings with MD/Business owner Attendance of management meetings Focus areas Organisational design Optimal organisational design stems from a clear business strategy and objectives. These inform the required roles, skills and knowledge to achieve the set objectives. We assist our clients in defining the ideal roles, competencies and profiles of employees. Capacity management Understanding the current capacity of employees, identifying areas of pressure and planning for succession allows for pro-active capacity management. This ensures continuous performance and being able to deal with unforeseen circumstances and crisis. Talent assessment and appointment Appointing new employees is one of the most difficult tasks for any MD/business owner/manager. We support our clients through job specifications, various assessments of candidates, facilitating interviews and making recommendations on optimal application of new skills and knowledge within the organisation. Performance management Performance management is not a once-off feedback session at the end of the year to determine salary changes. It is an on-going management process to support employees to perform well. This includes dealing with challenges like work environment, job descriptions, skills scarcity, conflict, personal life challenges, absenteeism etc. We advise our clients on dealing with these and other issues that impact on employee performance.

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Plumb Line Professional Support

Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations. Background Small and medium organisations compete through highly skilled employees who improve the competitive advantage of the organisation. These individuals typically have a strong drive to excel in their field of work and make a real impact in their roles. High work load and pace, coupled with continuous decision making and accountability for success are typical characteristics of these professionals’ daily work lives. Sustainable performance of these individuals requires the correct support and guidance. The objective of our Professional Support process is to: Provide a space of individuals to explore their experience of work Develop performance management skills Provide guidance on communication skills, ensuring clarity of expectations Delivery method Individual coaching sessions Feedback to company management on risk areas and opportunities Focus areas Work satisfaction We explore work satisfaction in terms of level of challenges, decision making and skills application to understand which areas the individual need to focus on to ensure performance in their roles. We assist the candidate to set goals for career development and take responsibility for own skills and knowledge growth. Performance management Smaller organisations flourish when individuals take responsibility for their performance. Our coaching assists candidates to take action and not wait on company management to fulfil this role. Learning skills to manage yourself well in your role, making good decisions for yourself and the business, leads to sustainable performance. Communication We find that there is often a disconnect between professionals and their direct managers in terms of expectations. This is specific to work roles and performance. The coaching process assists professionals to understand their own expectations well and communicate it clearly to their superiors. [...]

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Management development programme

Plumb Line Management development programme Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations. Background Our Management development programme has been designed with the specific needs and challenges of our clients in mind. We believe the way that smaller organisations function and the unique cultures typical of them are great environments for people to discover their real selves and optimise their potential. The challenge of being in a specialist functional role and being a manager of people is always stimulating, but seldom a feat overcome by pure instinct. Some assistance and training goes a long way! Delivery method The Plumb Line model is a process of continuous building and supporting of key individuals in the organisation. We take a long term view and implement a variety of interventions over a 10 month period to achieve real growth and skills development. Our interventions include: individual coaching management team workshops  facilitated contact sessions with managers and their respective teams continuous feedback to MD/owner The process is concluded with thorough review and evaluation to understand the impact and realised growth in management capability. Focus areas Individual development (self-management skills)   Understanding  your own strengths, values, goals, needs and areas for development is critical for managers to be comfortable in their own skin. These managers prioritise the success of their teams and the organisation, not allowing power, status and personal gain to detract from their performance. Our coaching process focus on achieving high levels of self-awareness as the basis for success in a management role. Management skills development  The close relationships typical of smaller organisations allow the MD/owner to influence their management teams significantly, creating the desired culture and supporting behaviour required for success. [...]

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Individual Innovation

We believe that the individual is the most important resource for the business and that individuals need to be developed in order to aid the business strategy and effectiveness and improve working relationships.  Individuals need to be motivated and connected to what is important to them and need to be aware of this in the workplace.  This enhances work-life balance and thus productivity.  The individual services we offer always work with the individual as part of a team in line with the company strategy.  We believe that the workplace needs to be meaningful to the individual! It is not without reason that someone recently said that meaning is the new money……   INDIVIDUAL SERVICES Individual services focus on 1:1 work as well as group work from a coaching perspective.  These sessions is focused on the individual’s needs for personal development that will enhance awareness, work-life balance, stress management, relationships management, identity and personal alignment. These individual services are often combined with team services working with the individual within the team through team days or retreats that gives time for personal reflection. INNOVATION TOOLS We use different tools in individual and team coaching processes depending on the individual’s needs and each process will be custom made with this in mind. For personal development we are skilled and accredited users of the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and this applicable for individual development as well as team development. For interpersonal skills at work we use the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) with a multi-rating assessment that aids a coaching process that focuses on Emotional Intelligence. To unlock personal systems of meaning we use the Spiritual Intelligence Assessment (SQA) focus on 12 domains of meaning makes to [...]

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