Organisations employ and reward staff for their thinking abilities. This should be the motivation for creating work environments that elicit the best thinking of all staff in various ways. To measure the success and productivity of any business, one can evaluate the level of thinking and contribution of all employed. The reality is that everyday tasks and responsibilities often detract from the quality of our thinking environments and a great deal of our creative, inspirational and innovative thinking lies buried beneath operational priorities. Poor interpersonal relationships, power struggles, distrust and many other common work challenges acts as barriers to real thinking and subsequently to real innovation and progress.

Facilitation is a powerful process of creating safe and healthy thinking spaces to allow deep level thinking and diverse contributions. In today’s complex work environment, we are finding less perfect answers and more options of which any one could be a good solution for way forward. Facilitation assist us in generating a healthy level of options, allowing teams to explore and find a workable solution to experiment with.

We are experienced in facilitating a variety of processes within diverse contexts, always focussing on discovery of real and workable solutions to move people and organisations forward.

An added bonus and outcome of most facilitations is the energy that is generated through the process. People often discover new insights, talents, solutions and opportunities during a facilitative process and this produces great energy for individuals and teams to respond to their new insights. Energy is key for making important shifts in organisations and is often lacking, leaving one or two individuals responsible to try and effect change. Facilitation creates shared drive and enthusiasm.

Some examples of processes we facilitate:

  • Problem solving
  • Creative thinking
  • Team values and disciplines
  • Conflict resolution (mediation, interpersonal, teams)
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