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Plumb Line Journeys


Empowering Medical Specialists for Sustainable Success

“One cannot recover lost time, but in some instances one can recover what was lost over time”

As a medical specialist, navigating the demands of a career while maintaining balance and sustainability is a significant challenge.

The perpetual pressure, immense responsibility, and limited time for personal disconnection demand specific skills and resilience. Our programme acknowledges the need for unique support mechanisms, offering processes that assist in crafting a fulfilling career while experiencing success across all life facets. We facilitate a holistic learning process aimed at restoring energy and building resilience for sustained high performance.

Rhytmn of the journey

Join our “Making Sense and Making a Change” programme, a guided 10-month individual and small group learning process. The objective is to ensure a continuous support of small changes that enhances and sustains performance in all areas of life.

Commencing with an introductory training session led by Dr. Chris van den Berg, Dr. André Kilian, and Wickus Guelpa, we share our experience and the focus of the programme, preparing participants for their journey.

You will meet fellow participants and learning objectives will be clarified.

The individual process kicks off with an online assessment of personal resilience which will f orm the basis for learning and progress mapping. The balance of the programme includes regular individual coaching sessions, a mid-year group conversation, and culminates in an October celebration dinner for all participants.

Programme topics

  • Career success and planning
  • Resilience at work
  • Burnout and health disciplines
  • Introspection, relationships, and rhythms
  • Life phase and goal setting
  • A sustainable business model


Participating in our “Making Sense and Making a Change” programme empowers you to assess your current life and career status, enabling informed decisions about your future path and lifestyle, and making the change you need.

You will receive support to prioritise your life balance, enhance resilience for future performance, and skillfully navigate career and life challenges. We look forward to welcoming you on this journey.

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