Organisation & capability

Starting and building an organisation through an inspired vision is an amazing journey of hard work, uncertainty and many challenges. It is however a potentially life-changing opportunity to create a unique expression of your purpose.

Shaping organisations to effectively respond to opportunities through clear strategies, optimal design and correct talent is core to sustainable performance. We address the following common challenges in growing organisations:

  • Clarify the purpose
  • Define the longer-term vision
  • Develop strategic objectives and implementation plans
  • Design the ideal organisational structure (roles & competencies) with a growth blueprint for 2 to 3 years.
  • Define the required mindset and employee behaviour to accomplish the purpose
  • Define the executive leadership philosophy as framework for alignment of all organisational activities

These processes become important as organisations scale and the simplicity of the start-up company is being replaced by more employees, additional growth / expansion opportunities and the need for more structure to manage what should be done and how it gets done.

Leadership & talent

Leadership is about influence. Understanding where you are heading, what your objectives are, allows you to decide who and what you need to influence to achieve. For leaders in organisations, this is mostly people. Leaders who excel in influencing others have a clear vision, a strong sense of self, and the drive to engage people around a common purpose.

The Plumb Line development process focus on exceptional levels of self-knowledge and insight, understanding how you impact and influence others, and developing best-practice skills to lead others and shape the organisation. We customise training programmes and individual processes to suit the specific objectives of leaders and the leadership team. This include 360 assessments, leadership development training programmes, coaching and  Executive sabbatical programmes.

Talent management has become a significant challenge for scaling organisations. Attracting and selecting people who are aligned with the business purpose and has the correct skill set to perform at the required level is not an easy feat to accomplish. Plumb Line assist with this critical part of building a high-performing team of employees through:

  • Job profiling
  • Candidate assessment and profiling
  • Interview facilitation
  • Integration of team members and team development
  • Career planning

Change management

Within a context of increasing complexity, the premium on exceptional change management skills cannot be overestimated. The world of work changes continuously and challenges organisations and employees to review, evaluate and update most everything they do…. continuously. A structured process to plan for  and facilitate change is ideal but our experience is that often, this is not possible. It is more often the case of things has changed, now what?”

At Plumb Line we have developed a structured process to support change and offer this as part of our service. What is however very efficient is facilitating a process with stakeholders to understand the change that has happened or is required, how to respond to this and how to identify the opportunities in change. This is about learning to see in a new way, accessing our creative thinking and co-creating new knowledge, leading to being in a new way.

Developing learning skills, and becoming organisations that learn all the time, are core requirements for managing change effectively. We assist our clients in identifying the most efficient platforms for learning and teach employees new skills to adapt and thrive in change.