Attracting talent and making the correct choice in selecting the best candidate to join your organisation is one of the most important but also most difficult challenges any manager faces. In the initial phases of a growing organisation it is often quite simple to see what competencies are required next and to find a candidate through networks and close relationships. This works well up to a point when recruitment needs increase and more people who you do not know or who did not come through a network referral, become part of your team. This increases the risk of appointing a candidate who is not well suited for the role or aligned to the culture of your organisation.

Plumb Line assist organisations to clearly define performance and competence criteria for each role to ensure a clear guideline for what success will look like and what is expected of any given role. This allows us to facilitate an interview and assessment process that enables more accurate identification of suitable candidates. Assessments focus on inherent competencies, work style, personality and team contribution. These assessments form part or and is complimentary to the overall selection process and does not necessarily determine the final decision. It does however inform the thinking and holistic picture for clients to make an accurate appointment.

As part of our service we provide full feedback to the successful candidates to assist them in their integration in the new role and employer. This fast-tracks the induction process and provides insight into key relationships needed to succeed in their new environment.