Management development programme

Plumb Line Management development programme Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations. Background Our Management development programme has been designed with the specific needs and challenges of our clients in mind. We believe the way that smaller organisations function and the unique cultures typical of them are great environments for people to discover their real selves and optimise their potential. The challenge of being in a specialist functional role and being a manager of people is always stimulating, but seldom a feat overcome by pure instinct. Some assistance and training goes a long way! Delivery method The Plumb Line model is a process of continuous building and supporting of key individuals in the organisation. We take a long term view and implement a variety of interventions over a 10 month period to achieve real growth and skills development. Our interventions include: individual coaching management team workshops  facilitated contact sessions with managers and their respective teams continuous feedback to MD/owner The process is concluded with thorough review and evaluation to understand the impact and realised growth in management capability. Focus areas Individual development (self-management skills)   Understanding  your own strengths, values, goals, needs and areas for development is critical for managers to be comfortable in their own skin. These managers prioritise the success of their teams and the organisation, not allowing power, status and personal gain to detract from their performance. Our coaching process focus on achieving high levels of self-awareness as the basis for success in a management role. Management skills development  The close relationships typical of smaller organisations allow the MD/owner to influence their management teams significantly, creating the desired culture and supporting behaviour required for success. [...]