Strategic Human Resource management

Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations.  Background Organisations have a need for specialist knowledge on people management. Smaller organisations are often made up of specialists in a specific field of business and knowledge and do not always have an in-house Human Resource management specialist. Our strategic HR management service aims to overcome this challenge by partnering with our clients, understanding their business objectives and advising them on sound people management practices. Delivery method Individual meetings with MD/Business owner Attendance of management meetings Focus areas Organisational design Optimal organisational design stems from a clear business strategy and objectives. These inform the required roles, skills and knowledge to achieve the set objectives. We assist our clients in defining the ideal roles, competencies and profiles of employees. Capacity management Understanding the current capacity of employees, identifying areas of pressure and planning for succession allows for pro-active capacity management. This ensures continuous performance and being able to deal with unforeseen circumstances and crisis. Talent assessment and appointment Appointing new employees is one of the most difficult tasks for any MD/business owner/manager. We support our clients through job specifications, various assessments of candidates, facilitating interviews and making recommendations on optimal application of new skills and knowledge within the organisation. Performance management Performance management is not a once-off feedback session at the end of the year to determine salary changes. It is an on-going management process to support employees to perform well. This includes dealing with challenges like work environment, job descriptions, skills scarcity, conflict, personal life challenges, absenteeism etc. We advise our clients on dealing with these and other issues that impact on employee performance.