Plumb Line Team Collaboration programme

Plumb Line Business Intelligence specialises in people and organisational development for small and medium organisations. Background One of the strengths of a smaller organisation is that people know each other well and the levels of bureaucracy is typically low or non-existent. This creates a healthy environment for collaboration. The challenge for sustainable team performance arise when the organisation grows and inevitably new employees are added to the team. New team members mean new teams and the desired behaviour, shared mind set and values need to be actively communicated and managed. This requires a more structured approach to team management. We often see that this catches organisations off guard and they do not understand why suddenly things do not work so well and where the non-performance issues came from. We have experienced the immense growth and performance of teams characterised by individuals who know themselves well and are able to collaborate with others for the good of the organisation. This however does not happen spontaneously and needs a structured process of learning and development. The aim of our team development programme is to provide the core skills, understanding and follow-up interventions that will make your employees excel through collaboration. Delivery method Facilitated team workshops on a quarterly basis. Individual assessments Focus areas Team roles and contribution Understanding the strengths, weaknesses and role preferences of every individual is key to optimal team design. We assess and profile each team member to ensure the above. Feedback and shared training based on the team profile information ensures thorough understanding of individuals and their team mates. Recommendations to the MD/owner on role allocations provide guidance for optimal application of skills within the team. Relationship management for innovative collaboration Working productively [...]