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Vista Couples programme

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose.”
– Benjamin Disraeli

What is your next great move?
What lies ahead and how are you preparing for it?

When both parties in a couple pursue a professional career, they are usually achievement-orientated, focused and have a clear sense of what is next. These characteristics are important drivers of corporate success and ensure a steady progress on one’s career path.

Success and the associated pressures can, however, be overwhelming at times.
“Focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have you work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”
– Steve Jobs
Success and the associated pressures can, however, be overwhelming at times.

Success and the associated pressures can, however, be overwhelming at times. Therefore it is important to establish moments in which to pause and reflect, to plan your next step and, in doing so, stay aligned with your life purpose.

Research by two prolific professors at Stanford University has shown that congruence between career and life is the key to a meaningful life. It is not so much about what you achieve than it is about how your

achievements are aligned with who you really are and what matters most to you.

Vista creates a space for dual-career couples in which to connect with their life stories, with each other and with their ideal life plan. We journey with you to outline your future successes in your career and life, in your own words. Most importantly, our Vista programme creates a safe and uninterrupted space in which couples can relax and refocus.

Rhythm of the journey

We kick off with a two-day retreat style workshop. We endeavour to disconnect from the rat race, slow down the pace and catch our breaths. “We are here” (describing the present) is the first move to help you to reflect on your journeys thus far. We celebrate “where you are” and move forward through a process of envisioning and planning a vista of possibilities.

The connection between partners and aligned dreaming is what makes this programme unique and what it focusses on during the two days.

The process includes a variety of assessments and questionnaires to inform personality preferences, strategies and personal energy. Feedback and integration of the results are facilitated through a coaching process, both with individuals and as a couple.

Our Vista programme concludes with a celebratory dinner where we share stories, acquired insights and vistas with fellow participants.